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Beautiful white and soft cotton dress for a little Babiana girl. The upper part of the dress is with a thin lining. The dress comes with a separate petticoat.  Fastenings are in the front of the dress. The colour of the fastenings and Babiana logo is green.

Size: 116
dress 100% cotton
petticoat 100% cotton

There are only two Bois Dentelle trees growing in Mauritius and the tree is listed as critically endangered by IUCN. It is a photoautotroph, meaning it can transform light into chemical energy.

It’s a flowering tree known for its sprays of long white, bell-shaped flowers. The tree gets its common name: Bois Dentelle or “Lace Wood” from the delicate patterns of the flowers.

The tree has come close to extinction because the tree’s environment is being overrun by more commercially attractive alien species such as Guava and a small evergreen shrub Litsea monopetalous. The last two of these trees would also have disappeared forever, taking with them the secrets locked in their genetics, if it hadn’t been for intervention.
The government and NGOs are working together to save this species from extinction.