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So many stripes for a real stripe lover!!!!
The dress is white with dark grey stripes,
the fastenings are on the front of the dress.
Name Quagga comes from the subspecies of plains zebra who currently belongs among extinct animals.
Size: 98
Material: 95% cotton, 5% polyester

It’s thought that the quagga became extinct due to overhunting in 1883, but in 1984, genealogy technology revealed that the quagga was actually a subspecies of the plains zebra, meaning it has the same DNA. The two species share the same genotype, though their phenotype (their observable characteristics) is different. The Quagga Project was started to try to recreate the quagga through artificial selection of plains zebras. The project has had some success: The first quagga-like zebra foal was born in January 2005, and the fifth-generation foal was born in December 2013. Scientists hope continued selective breeding will lead to generations of plains zebras almost identical to the extinct quagga, which could then be released in the wild.