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Light, soft and wonderful little summer dress! 
The sewing of this dress was inspired by a blue butterfly. This beauty is made of cotton. Dress pattern has different shapes and colours, the upper part of the dress has small silver embellishments.
Dark blue studs are on the front of the dress.

Size 104
Material 100% cotton

This dress is inspired by The Palos Verdes Blue,
a little blue endangered butterfly.

This beautiful fairy is the rarest butterfly in the world.
The Palos Verdes blue butterfly was thought to be driven to extinction in 1983,
primarily by converting most of their natural habitat into urban and suburban developments.
The last three to six known individuals
were seen and photographed in March 1983, but the site they occupied
was scraped shortly after for fire control.
The butterfly was presumed extinct until 1994 when researchers discovered
a little population.