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It's not exactly a coat, it's not exactly a dress but something in between. Perfect choice for changing weather- Olive is as warm as needed and as cool as necessary.
Your most precious can wear it independently or on top of the preferred garments. The coat is made of soft cotton and smooth silk.
All materials are sustainable.

The coat can be fastened with green snap

Outer fabric: 100% cotton
Lining: 100% silk
Size 122- 128

shoulder 9cm
sleeve 48 cm
front length 65 cm
back length 71 cm
chest width 44 cm
back width 42 cm
neck/collar 44,5 cm

Olive is named after The Saint Helena Olive Tree. 
In the wild, it went extinct in 1994. The last living specimen cultivated in captivity died in December 2003, despite aggressive conservation efforts. 
Human encroachment and activity were the cause of the tree’s extinction. People, exploiting the natural resources of the island for more than four centuries, had deforested large swaths of the island to graze ani-
mals like goats. The tree became confined to too small an area, and because of its limited population, was unable to remain genetically viable. 
Saint Helena Olive is a prime example of why tree planting is so important.