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Spring/fall coat made of soft cotton velvet. Sleeves are a little bit longer, the pattern is wide, which makes it easier for a child to move and play. The buttons are custom made and fastened with green snap fastenings.

outer fabric 100% velvet cotton
lining 100% cotton

Size 92-98

The coat is named after Yellow-breasted bunting bird who is a passerine bird in the bunting family Emberizidae that is found across the Boreal and East Palearctic. Populations have declined precipitously since the early 2000s, and the species is now considered to be critically endangered. The decline of the yellow-breasted bunting is likely to be caused by substantial trapping during migration and most specifically at winter sites. Birds are flushed then caught in mist-nets, to be sold for consumption as "sparrows" or "rice birds". 

Even though the actions have been restricted to a small area in southern China, it has become more widespread and popular to increasing wealth, and hunters now travel long distances to find sufficient birds. 

Shifts in rice paddy irrigation practices have reduced the quality and quantity of wintering habitats, including the loss of water stubble, and the loss of reedbeds has reduced available roost sites.