Let me introduce myself!

Hello! My name is Merili and I am the founder of Babiana. Actually, I have many assignments in this little company.

 I work as well as a designer, sewer, pattern maker, HR person, marketing person, accountant, creative director, social media editor….. and so on! I am a multiinstrumentalist! To do all that, I have been learning for the past three years. But the moment you think you know something, life reminds you that it's not true. Lately, I have had to do things I still know nothing about! Let us applaud the life-long learning!

I like every second of this journey. I love it! Last time I learned so intensively was when I graduated University with a BA in music. I have been working as a musician and a music teacher most of my grown-up life, until around seven years ago I realised, that I don’t want to do this anymore. I felt, there are so many other exciting things in this life and I wanted to try them all! The truth is, that deep down, I hoped to find at least one more thing I felt same passionate about as I did for music.

It took me a while to figure things out. To find this one thing. Finally, I realised that this “one thing” has always been here…under my nose! I have always loved sewing, cutting, pattern making. I have always loved creating new pieces, redesigning old ones. My grandmother taught me to use a sewing machine when I was very young. It has been my meditation, my mantra, escape. But as a young unexperienced poet, writing his work in the drawer, I as well have been keeping always my work to myself. Especially since most, I was self-taught.

So, the moment I got hit with a big bright light bulb enlightenment, I knew what I have to do. I will go and study pattern making, sewing, tailoring and soon I will be one kick-ass lady digging my way to the fashion industry. And I had to do it big- “Let's start with Central Saint Martins or London College of Fashion”. Next thing I know, I had been paying my tuition fee for one year to start to learn pattern making in LCF. But as always in life, things never go as you plan! A week later I found out that I am pregnant. Overwhelmed and happy, I knew it was excluded to move to London like this! Thankfully the school returned my money! But I still wanted to fulfil my passion. So long story short, if things are not going as planned, there are always alternatives. I found a perfect solution on how to have it all. I moved back to my hometown, studied sewing over there and thanks to my incredible teacher I had a chance to learn pattern making as well. I went through tons of courses. And most important at all...I had a beautiful and healthy baby girl who is my biggest inspiration!

Like I mentioned before, it has been the most intense time in my life, as well as happiest! And voilà …here it is!

Please give a warm welcome to my youngest one! Still quite a baby…BABIANA!

Why upcycling and how I choose the textiles

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