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I knew already before I started Babiana, that in addition to the sustainable product, everything that comes with it has to be sustainable as well - product labels, packages, any kind of paper material etc. I also knew that every product has to carry meaning, information about the environment, animals and so on.

So what would be the better way to do it than a beautiful visual coming together with the story. I started to look for an artist who could draw an illustration of animals and a writer who could paint a beautiful story in words. It is difficult to choose one animal and to discard another, but the final decision had to be made and the first two beautiful creatures I chose are silk moth and merino lamb- two the most mistreated animals through time.

There are so many talented people in the world, and for me, it has been always very exciting to make some cool projects together with other creators. Although Babiana is still very young, we already have some little projects are done and I would like to introduce to you these talented people above

Maria Välja

Maria introduces herself as a student of life, painter, illustrator and as a person who always follows the path of love. She had the vision to become an artist already in very early age. All her brightest memories are related to painting

She studied four years in Vision of Pallas University of Applied Sciences and although as an artist it took her still many years to find confidence in her and her work, she finally decided to follow her heart and dedicated herself to art full time.

Maria`s art is very beautiful and delicate, simple jet full of very fine details. Her subjects to paint are mainly nature and animals.

In Babiana we were looking for an artist, who could make beautiful illustrations to us to share our thoughts with the support of this beautiful art. Maria`s art was love at first sight and luckily for us, she agreed to make a little project together.

Please see her art here:

For further information, you are very welcome to contact her here:


Liis Sein

Liis is a playwright and children’s author. She graduated from Tallinn University in adult education and has received additional training in playwriting and creative writing. She currently works as an administrative assistant at the Estonian Children’s Literature Centre. Liis has written three lovely children’s books and won the Knee-High Book Competition in 2019. She likes to see the world through children’s eyes such that adults also see it as a bigger, brighter, and more lucid place.

Her stories are sweet and easy to understand. To Babiana she wrote a story of silkworm who wants to become a butterfly and a little merino lamb who wants to run free in the wild.

Please follow her Instagram here:

And last but not least! All Babianas paper materials are printed in Pagerr. They are using paper residues to print their products and this suits us in Babiana just wonderfully!


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