Three easy ways to use old textiles

 Every year, with the advent of spring, a cleaning maniac wakes up in me! It's almost like waking up from hibernation and discovering that at least the last four months
no one has cleaned home and questions arise! (I look at my partner). And then there is a split in my personality and absolutely everyone living under the same roof as I must start major spring cleaning IMMEDIATELY! The first thing is a storm in the wardrobe where I always discover that too much clothing has emerged again (the irony is always and always one finds nothing to wear). For years I pulled out big bags and started shovelling clothes in there to take them to one of the second-hand shops. But as is already well known, these second-hand stores don't want to accept clothes anymore because they are sitting on a pile of clothes themselves! So what to do?
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Co-working and projects

I knew already before I started Babiana, that in addition to the sustainable product, everything that comes with it has to be sustainable as well - product labels, packages, any kind of paper material etc. I also knew that every product has to carry meaning, information about the environment, animals and so on.
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Let me introduce myself!

Hello! My name is Merili and I am the founder of Babiana. Actually, I have many assignments in this little company.
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