Babiana is a small design and sewing studio dedicated to creating clothes with a conscience.

All the products are environment-friendly and made of up-cycled materials- industrial textile waste and already existing clothing is the base material for creating our items. All the items are handmade according to how we receive or find materials.
We know that we can`t change the world tomorrow, but it is Babiana`s priority to contribute to the production that doesn't create more waste.

About products

All the products are made of up-cycled textiles, this method makes our clothing sustainable and nature friendly.

All the products are child-friendly. Materials like cotton, linen, silk, ramie, wool and all the fiber blends and combinations of these materials are mild and soft to child’s gentle skin. Sometimes, we might use natural materials mixed with a little percentage of polyester or another synthetical fiber, the composition of materials is marked inside every item.

In addition to the material, the second important feature of every product is the pattern. Every garment is designed in the way, that it would be easy for a child to dress and undress independently. Dresses for younger children, we use fastenings. For bigger children, in addition to fastenings, we use custom made buttons as well.

Every textile is separately handpicked and checked very carefully. After choosing process, all the textiles will go through a burning test to be sure of the composition of the fabric followed by a careful wash/care and then production.

Every textile is unique, this makes every product unique. Very often materials are limited, according to the amount of material, we choose the size of the item to sew. If you don't find a suitable size for your child, please contact us at studiobabiana [!at] The garment with a suitable size might be in the process of making.

Every product has a unique name after the animal, plant, insect, bird or tree what is already extinct
or is the threat of extinction. With this, we would like to raise awareness of the results of human activity and its consequences. The textile industry is one of the most fatal industries for the well-being of nature!

Our product labels are made by very talented Maria Välja Art. On these labels, you can see and read the story (written by Liis Sein) about one of the most mistreated souls in textile industries- merino lamb and silkworms. Babiana labels are not just labels, but the beautiful original art you can keep, frame and hung on the wall. It's a nice read for an adult and a child as well.

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